Resistant Starch

Recipes using Resistant Starch

Resistant starch can be blended into fruit smoothies, applesauce or mashed potatoes as an easy fiber boost, or substituted for flour in your family’s favorite recipes.  A 25% substitution for flour in foods like pancakes, cookies, waffles, and birthday cakes can help reduce calories and increase fiber while still maintaining great taste.

Below you’ll find a collection of recipes with resistant starch that are high in fiber, easy to prepare, and – most importantly - delicious!

Curb Your Hunger Yogurt Cup:
A refreshing breakfast or snack presented by Kristen Kirkpatrick on the Dr. Oz Show on May 24, 2012.

Mango Strawberry Smoothie:
Another delicious combination to add HI-MAIZE resistant starch into your diet as a smoothie.

Better-for-you Soft Pretzel with HI-MAIZE:
A snack that will help to satisfy your craving for something salty while sneaking invisible dietary fiber with resistant starch benefits into your diet.

The New Fiber Story - Secret Recipes:

Imagine an irresistible cranberry-nut waffle, fruity medley smoothie or pea and bacon soup with a nutritional secret lurking inside.  All of these tasty recipes include HI-MAIZE® 260 resistant starch, a natural ingredient from corn containing 55-60% insoluble dietary fiber.  It's your little secret!

Irresistible Healthy Holiday Favorites:
From chocolate chip cookies to herb dinner rolls, this year's traditional holiday favorites pack more than great taste - they deliver an invisible nutritional boost!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin:
There's no reason to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy the delicious flavors of pumpkin pie.  These tasty muffins are easy to make, moist, high in fiber and high in flavor.

Fresh Herb Dinner Rolls:
Add elegance, flavor and invisible fiber to your next family meal or dinner party.  Fresh parsley and chives make these delightful rolls a compliment to any meal.

Multi-Grain Artisan Bread:  
Hearty, nutritious and delicious describes this wonderful artisan style bread.  Made with whole grains and HI-MAIZE ® 260 this bread will be an instant healthy favorite.


Chocolate Sponge Cake:
A decadent way to satisfy your sweet tooth…and get more fiber at the same time!  It tastes so good, you’ll forget the fiber’s in there. 


Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies:
Wonderful, moist and chewy, these cookies will remind you of the ones Mom used to make.  HI-MAIZE makes this family favorite a little healthier, without compromising on taste. 


Ginger Molasses Cookies:
Absolutely delicious!  Think about your favorite ginger cookies, and then picture them fresh, warm and soft.  Once you try these scrumptious cookies, you’ll be making them again and again.