Resistant Starch
Resistant starch in the media



Resistant Starch in the Media 


Insulin Sensitizing Effects of Resistant Starch Linked to Changes in Fat Metabolism in Humans
,Ingredion Press Release, August 7, 2012
FiberS: Singular or Plural
, by Hope Warshaw,, July, 2012
Foods Not to Ditch when You Diet
, by Rachel Meltzer Warren,, June 2012
How Resistant Starch Works, by Jessica Bruso, San Francisco Chronicle-, June 2012
Potato Starch and Cancer, by Ireland Wolfe,, June 2012
WVU researchers receive $100,000 grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
, by Amy Johns, WVU Healthcare, June, 2012
Resistant Starch Benefits Glycemic Health, WholeFoods Magazine, June, 2012
Summer Slim-Down Secrets, Dr. Oz's Dream Team Summer Survival Guide, May, 2012
In praise of potatoes, by Bottom Line Health, FTE News Magazine, April 16, 2012
Your top 10 superfoods, adapted from The Drop 10 Diet by Lucy Danziger, Self magazine, April 2012
CSIRO developing Resistant starch with aim to tackle bowel cancer in Australia, by Matt Paish, AFN Thought for Food, April, 2012
How to increase your fibre intake, by Susie Burrell,, April, 2012
It’s Their Loss, by Tim Person, WholeFoods Magazine, March, 2012
Resistant starch for functional bakery impacts consistency – study, by Oliver Nieburg,, Mar 26, 2012
Resistant starch shows blood sugar benefits,, March 22, 2012
Can resistant starch help you lose weight?, Wellness Tips for You, by Glenn Shimabukuro, March 18, 2012
New studies highlight glycemic benefits of resistant starch, New Hope 360, Mar 15, 2012
Resistant starch shows blood sugar benefits for men, by Stephen Daniells,, Mar 14, 2012
5 Foods to make your metabolism work for you, by Jillian Michaels, 2012
Discover the latest in health foods at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CBS Los Angeles, Mar 7, 2012
Baking with resistant starch, by Alicia Rudnicki,, Feb 22, 2012
Resistant starches prove beneficial for weight control, by Rebecca Rose of, SNS Post, Feb 15, 2012
High Resistant Starch Foods – a diabetics pantry must-have, Wish Upon a Dish, Feb 13, 2012
How to eat carbs and lose weight, by Nicola Conville, Body+soul (Australia), Feb 7, 2012
New diet plans change one’s way of life rather than calorie intake, by Kafi Drexel. NY1 (NYC’s 24-hour newschannel on the Web), Feb 1, 2012
How carbs can help you lose weight, by Yasmin Fahr, The Daily Meal, Jan 26, 2012
Eat Sheet: Cool new cookbooks with a Hollywood twist, by Andy Lewis, The Hollywood Reporter, Jan 26, 2012
Lose weight in your belly: Jillian Michaels’ 6 tips that work, Huffington Post, Jan 25, 2012
10 ways to boost your metabolism during cold weather by Emily G.W. Chau,The Spec, (The Hamilton Spectator, Ontario, Canada) Jan 23, 2012
Eat your favorite foods with the CarbLovers Cookbook, by Lauren Torrisi, ABC News, Jan 20, 2012
You can love carbs and still lose weight, The Herald-Sun, (Durham, North Carolina, USA), Jan 18, 2012
Start Fresh: Health Benefits of resistant starch by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Daily Perricone, Jan 18, 2012
Start Fresh Tip: The Secret Starch that burns fat by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Daily Perricone, Jan 17, 2012
Resistant Starch, by Glenn Cardwell, January 12, 2012
Resistant Starch: The New Carb on the Block, On Nutrition Healthy Lifestyle Blog, by Carol Plotkin, Jan 9, 2012


What is the Carb Lovers Diet, Free Diet Source, Dec 30, 2011

Dietitian Pick of the Month: Resistant Starch Flours, Hy-Vee Healthy Bites newsletter, November 2011
Resistant starch is the new thing in nutrition, by Jennifer Dunavan, Fremont Tribune, (Fremont, Nebraska, US), Nov 8, 2011
5 'bad' foods you should be eating
, by Leslie Goldman of Women's Health, TODAY, October 19, 2011
Don’t resist these starches! They have a wealth of health benefits, by Monika Woolsey,, October 7, 2011
New food rules: What’s OK to eat, by Leslie Goldman, Women’s Health, October 2011
How to replace starch with resistant starch, by Jackie Johnson, eHow Health, Sept 27, 2011
Does bread contain resistant starches? By Charis Grey,, Aug 22, 2011
Hearing a lot of buzz about resistant starch? Download from Nutrition First seminar, Aug 19, 2011
Resistant Starch: The Buzz, The Science and Clinical Practice, Webinar by Hope Warshaw sponsored by Nutrition First, August 18, 2011
What foods are considered resistant starches? By Charis Grey,, Aug 18, 2011
Resistant Starch: Weight loss miracle? By Dr. Wendy Warner, Medicine in Balance, Aug 11, 2011
Types of resistant starch foods, by Angela Ogunjimi,, Aug 7, 2011
Resistant Starch Foods for Dieting, by Michelle Langley,, Jul 3, 2011
Lose 2 lb in a week AND eat pizza! Tuck into the diet that says you can slim down eating carbs, Mail Online UK, June 13, 2011
How does resistant starch help you lose weight? By Christine Michael,, May 28, 2011
New clinical study shows low dose of HI-MAIZE natural resistant starch significantly improves insulin sensitivity in men at risk for prediabetes.
Corn Products/National Starch Food Innovation press release on Business Wire,
May 23, 2011"
The Human colon in evolution: Part 4, the secrets of butyrate, by Melissa McEwen, Hunt, Gather, Love, May 20, 2011
Forget Atkins… carbs could help you LOSE weight”,
by Hannah Roberts and John Stevens. Daily Mail Online, United Kingdom, May 14, 2011
Authors of "The CarbLovers Diet" Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth, RD from Health magazine discuss their New York Times Best Seller and offer recipes from the new "The CarbLovers Diet Pocket Guide. “The Talk” daytime show on CBS, May 11, 2011
Resistant Starch: a powerful nutrient”, LDby Kari Hartel RD, FitDay, May 11, 2011
Resistant starch and other fad diets: What we can learn by Carole Carson. Huffington Post, March 30, 2011
List of foods very high in resistant starch, by Carrie L. Cross,, Mar 8, 2011
The best fat-burning breakfasts” by Shaun Chavis. Shine from Yahoo! March 2, 2011
ike carbs? Then this diet is for you” by Meg Farris, Eyewitness News,, New Orleans, Louisiana. February 16, 2011
The little-known weight-loss secret” CBS HealthWatch, February 18, 2011
Date-Nut Oatmeal Bars” The Washington Post, February 16, 2011
“Could getting more fiber help you live longer?” by Angela Haupt and Katherine Hobson, February 14, 2011
Health extends best-selling CarbLovers Diet franchise with the brand’s first-ever app for iPhoneâ Press Release from Health Magazine, February 9, 2011
“8 Flat-Belly Foods, Easy, delicious meal and snack ideas to help banish bloat”. Parenting, by Erin Zammett Ruddy, January 6, 2011
“Simple Ways to be Thin by Spring”, Registered Dietitian and Diet Diva, Tara Gidus stopped by Good Day with some simple suggestions. Fox 35 Good Day, Orlando, FL, January 5, 2011
Carbs that burn fat”, MSN New Zealand, January 4, 2011
The CarbLovers Diet” book review, The Star, Jordan, January 3, 2011
“The Carb Lovers Diet” Review, Associated Content from Yahoo!, by Contributing Editor Jessica Rodriguez, January 3, 2011
“Forget deprivation, diet books focus on healthy eating”, Calgary Herald, 
By Patricia Reaney, Reuters, January 3, 2011
“Seven Day Post-Holiday “Cleansing” Diet”, Originators Explain the "CarbLovers Cleanse", CBS News, January 1, 2011 


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Love Bread? You Need 'The CarbLovers Diet'".  Frances Largeman-Roth (Food & Nutrition Editor) and Ellen Kunes (Editor in Chief) of Health magazine and authors of "The CarbLovers Diet" are interviewed about their new book and why "the carbs in these foods are essential for your diet", August 31, 2010
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The Today Show, New South Wales, Australia, “Resistant Starch”, August 20, 2010
. Interview: TODAY nutritionist Joanna McMillan breaks down which carbohydrates have the highest resistant starch content which will improve digestive health and assist with weight control.
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AM, ABC News’s morning current affairs radio program in Australia, “Research claims starch good for obesity”, by Ashley Hall, July 6, 2010

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